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For Parents

Parental involvement is a major ingredient in a student's success in high school and college preparation. Knowing what to do, how to help your high schooler is what we're here for - so, please drop us a note at with your comments or questions. And use our site as often as needed. Please let us know what information we can help you find, or what's worked for you and your family - so we can share it with others.


You Need to Know

Qualified Tuition Program (529 Plan)

A QTP(also known as a 529 plan) is a program set up to allow you to either prepay, or contribute to an account established for paying, a student's qualified education expenses at an eligible educational institution. QTPs can be established and maintained by states and eligible educational institutions. The program must meet certain requirements. Your state government or the eligible educational institution can tell you whether or not they participate in a QTP. Refer to Publication 970 Tax Benefits for Education for complete information. cite:

In Connecticut, you'll want to learn more about the Connecticut Higher Education Trust (CHET), Connecticut's 529-college savings plan. CHET offers three types of account ownership: Individual, Custodial Account for a Minor, or Entity Account. CT's Disclosure Booklet and Participation Agreements available here [pdf].


Student Financial Assistance

U.S. Department of Education has the following major Student Financial Assistance (SFA) Programs:
  • Grants are financial aid you don't have to pay back.
  • Work-study lets you work and earn money to help pay for school.
  • Loans are borrowed money that you must repay with interest.
  • Undergraduates may receive all three types of financial aid.
  • Graduate students may receive loans or federal work-study, but not federal Pell Grants or Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG).

Federal financial aid sources include:

  • Pell Grants
  • Stafford loans
  • PLUS loans
  • Consolidation loans
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG)
  • Federal Work-Study (FWS)
  • Perkins loans

Federal Student Aid Information Center
Call toll-free 1-800-4-FED AID (1-800-433-3243) between 8 AM & 12 AM (EST) seven days a week.

National Scholarships Online


Help with College Costs

Do Something Grants

Each fall and each spring, Do Something gives grants of $500 each to 30 young people - including 10 Canadians - who submit creative proposals for solving local problems.

Members of Do Something's Youth Advisory Council evaluate the proposals and award grants to the most deserving projects in three areas: community building, health, and the environment.

You must be 25 years old or younger on May 1, 2006 to receive a 2006 GameStop Youth Grants. The application deadline for a 2006 grant is May 15, 2006 and the deadline for recommendation letters is May 22, 2006.

Save for College by Shopping!
Upromise - a free service designed to help families save for college.

Upromise is a FREE service designed to help families save for college.

It's really is easy. You (or anyone who signs up and names your child as their recipient) earn savings when you shop. With Upromise, thousands of companies will help you save for your child's college education. You can save when you shop online, at your favorite stores, or at the grocery or drug store. You can save when you travel, dine out, and more. Start saving today!


AFL-CIO/AES: Union Plus Scholarship Database. Begin your search for free money for higher education right here!

CollegeBound Network

The College Board: online registration for the SAT and information on college costs and financial aid calculators.

College Aid Sources for Higher Education: Sallie Mae's free service, matching students with scholarships.

Wachovia: Free resources and helpful tips for parents of college-bound high school students.

Federal Government: information on loans and tax credits for higher education.

Financial Aid: Information about getting financial aid for college. Pull-down menus on scholarship and loan information.

Sallie Mae: for planning for college & paying for it. Student-centered, interagency gateway to the federal services and information they need from across the entire US government and selected non-government sites. Site links on come from suggestions made by students, parents, teachers, school administrators, and others who know first-hand what information will be most helpful during the transition to life beyond high school.

Coach Your High Schooler!

NUMBER2.COM - Online test preparation courses - totally free!'s site is well-worth a try. It offers useful functions/features for students, parents and educators. The services offered are advertised as free and require only a sign-up form asking for basic demographic data. Parents, teachers, and counselors - anyone with an email address whom the student signs up may monitor a student's progress by viewing real-time reports.

There are courses for the SAT Reasoning Test, GRE, and ACT tests. The Vocabulary Builder is easy to use, keeps track of the words the student knows and reviews the words they are learning. The difficulty of the vocabulary words build in difficulty as the student progresses.


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Featured University

University of New Haven

For Freshmen

Presidential Scholarship : This half-tuition scholarship is awarded to students who score 1200 or better on the SAT I. It is renewable and may be received for a total of eight semesters, provided a B+ (3.3) cumulative GPA is maintained and the student continuously remains a full-time undergraduate at the University of New Haven.

Academic Achievement Award: The University offers a number of Academic Achievement Awards to incoming freshmen. The awards range from $5000 to $7500 and are based upon a student's SAT I scores and high school record.

For Transferring in Students

Presidential Scholarship : Students who have a minimum of 30 transferable credits or an associate's degree are eligible to receive an academic scholarship based on the following scale:

You may receive this award for a maximum of seven semesters provided that you maintain a B+ cumulative G.P.A. and continuously remain a full-time undergraduate student at the University of New Haven.

Overall GPA   AWARD
3.30 - 3.49   $4500 per academic year
3.50 - 3.69   $5500 per academic year
3.70 - 4.00+   $7000 per academic year

Other Scholarships  * *

Information provided here may not be up-to-date. BYCF makes no guarantees and accepts no responsiblity for the accuracy of this information. Our hope is to give the reader a general idea of the kind of scholarships offered by this particular university. The UNH web site from which this information was taken is at

The following are awarded at the discretion of the University of New Haven and, unless otherwise noted, require no special application other than a complete financial aid application.

Alumni Association Scholarships: These merit-based scholarships are for full-time day students with exemplary academic records.

Amity Charitable Trust Fund: This annual award is given to a worthy, needy student from the income of a fund made possible through the generosity of the Amity Club. Preference is given to students from the greater New Haven area.

Anthem/Blue Cross & Blue Shield - Joseph F. Duplinsky Scholarship: Preference is given to students who are Anthem associates or children of associates. Otherwise, the scholarship is available to students in the School of Business who demonstrate academic merit and financial need.

Edmund Autuori Scholarship: This is an endowed scholarship for accounting majors who demonstrate both financial need and scholastic ability.

The Barn Sale Scholarship: A scholarship is available each year for a deserving, disabled upperclassman. The award is made possible by an endowment established by the Barn Sale, Inc.

Carmel Benevento Memorial Scholarship: This award is made annually to a woman entering UNH as a freshman. The award was established in memory of Carmel Benevento and is based on financial need and academic and creative ability.

Roland & Margaret Bixler Scholarship: Established by Mr. Bixler, a member of the UNH Emeritus Board, and his wife, co-founder of Friends of the UNH Library, this endowed scholarship is awarded annually.

Norman Botwinik Fund for Academic Excellence: This endowed scholarship is awarded annually to an undergraduate from Connecticut who, over a period of four years, has demonstrated marked academic achievement and financial need. Mr. Botwinik is the former Chairman of the UNH Board of Governors.

Bozzuto Charity Sports Classic Scholarship: Income from this endowment provides for an annual award to a needy student.

Clarice L. Buckman Scholarship Fund for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering: An annual award is presented to a junior majoring in chemical engineering or chemistry in recognition of his or her demonstration of incentive and achievement.

Coca-Cola Scholarship: Established by the Coca-Cola Foundation, an award is made annually to an incoming freshman who attended the Connecticut Pre-Engineering Program (CPEP) at any established Connecticut college or university for at least two years. The scholarship is renewable over a five-year period.

C. Cowles & Co. Scholarship: This award is made annually to a Connecticut resident demonstrating financial need and aspiring to a career in the manufacturing industry.

Aldo DeDominicis Foundation: Scholarships are awarded annually, based on financial need and academic achievement, to students majoring in the field of communications.

William DeSenti Scholarship: An annual award is given to a needy student in the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Robert B. Dodds Scholarship: This endowed scholarship is awarded annually to an engineering student. The fund was established by Mr. Dodds as his gift to the Fund for Engineering.

Donor Scholarships: Many scholarship awards are available each year through the generosity of business firms, charitable organizations, and friends of the university. Scholarship funds are awarded from annual sponsor gifts and income from the university's endowments.

Clarence Dunham Scholarship: A merit-based award is made each year to a deserving student majoring in civil engineering. Faculty of the Civil Engineering Department select the scholarship recipient.

Echlin Family Scholarships: Several annual awards of $2000 are made to needy business or engineering students. The awards are made possible through an endowment established through the generosity of John and Beryl Echlin.

Eder Brothers Scholarships: Annual awards are made to hotel/restaurant management students. The awards are made possible by Eder Brothers, Inc., of West Haven, Connecticut.

Ernst & Young Scholarship: Each year an award from this endowment is made to a student majoring in accounting.

James Jacob Gerowin Memorial Scholarship: This award is made to a needy engineering student showing academic promise and is given in memory of James Gerowin, Class of 1985.

James Gesso Memorial Scholarship: A memorial award is made annually to an aviation major demonstrating academic/extracurricular achievement.

Anthony Giusto Scholarship: Given annually to a Connecticut resident studying Criminal Justice, this award is based on academic merit and financial need.

William Randolph Hearst Scholarship: This endowed scholarship is made possible through the generosity of the William Randolph Hearst Foundation and is awarded annually to first-generation or minority students.

Hershey-Frey Scholarship: This endowed scholarship is available to students residing in the Naugatuck Valley and is funded through the generosity of the Paul H. Hershey Foundation and Mildred and John Frey.

Paul Kane Memorial Scholarship: An award is available each year to an active scholar-athlete, with preference given to a Hamden, Connecticut, resident. The award is made in memory of Paul Kane, a university alumnus who was killed in the service of his country.

Peggy Leuzzi Memorial Scholarship: Awarded annually in memory of Mrs. Leuzzi, a former employee of the university, a scholarship is provided to an incoming freshman woman and is made possible through the generosity of Joseph Macionus.

Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial Scholarship: An annual award in honor of Dr. King is made to a deserving, needy student. Preference is given to minority students.

Ahmed Mandour Memorial Scholarship: An award is available each year to a junior or senior majoring in economics and enrolled as a part-time/evening student. The award is made in memory of Dr. Mandour, a former dean of the university.

Arnold Markle Scholarship: An annual award is made to a criminal justice major in memory of Arnold Markle, former State's Attorney for the Judicial District of New Haven.

Nathanial Kaplan Memorial Scholarship: An award in memory of Nathanial Kaplan, a former English professor, is made each year to a student who demonstrates need and has been enrolled in the College of Arts and Sciences for at least two years.

Parents Association Scholarship: This is an endowed scholarship funded by the UNH Parents Association.

Virginia M. Parker Scholarship: Each year Chi Kappa Rho sorority makes an award from this endowed scholarship to an undergraduate woman.

H. Pearce Family and Friends Scholarship: This endowed scholarship was made possible through the Pearce Family, longtime friends and supporters of the university. It is awarded to a resident of the State of Connecticut who demonstrates financial need and academic ability.

Marvin K. Peterson - Evening Student Council Scholarship: This scholarship was established in 1969 by the Evening Student Council of the University of New Haven to honor past President Marvin K. Peterson (1953-1973). The scholarship, awarded to undergraduate part-time/evening students, is entirely funded by the Evening Student Council.

Rosazza Scholarship: This fund was established in memory of Eugene Rosazza, an alumnus of the university, and is made annually to a needy student with an exemplary academic record.

New Haven Wives of Rotarians: An award from this endowment is made annually to a female from the Greater New Haven area on the basis of academic achievement and financial need.

Douglas D. Schumann Scholarship: This endowed scholarship is awarded annually, on the basis of personal and academic integrity, to an engineering student who has completed his/her freshman year.

Donald R. Scott Scholarship: This scholarship is given in memory of Donald R. Scott, former Chief of Campus Police at UNH, and is awarded jointly by the University of New Haven and the West Haven Black Coalition.

Miscellaneous State Scholarships: Students from other states may be eligible to apply for state scholarships which can be brought to Connecticut for attendance at the University of New Haven. Students should contact their state scholarship agencies for information.

Unilever Scholarship: Annual awards are made to minority engineering students who demonstrate financial need.

Dany J. Washington Scholarship: This scholarship is in memory of Dany Washington, former Dean of Continuing Education at UNH, and is awarded to non-traditional adult students based on scholarship and leadership displayed in the university or community environment.

Robert Wilson Scholarship: Given annually to a freshman and renewable for up to three years providing a 3.0 GPA is maintained, this award is based on the following criteria: an African-American from New Haven County demonstrating financial need and high achievement in academics and other activities.

* Please Note: Presidential Scholarship recipients are NOT eligible for Academic Achievement Awards.

** Financial aid applications for new and transfer students are due March 15 (for Fall) and December 1 (for Spring).

While both Believe You Can Fly & Bizgrok, Inc make every effort to provide accurate and timely information and to review the content of sites to which we provide links, neither Bizgrok, Inc nor Believe You Can Fly guarantee the material contained herein, nor do they assume responsibility for any errors or omissions. Believe You Can Fly does not collect information from children under 13 years old