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Criminal Justice Degrees Online

Interested in a career in Criminal Justice? Corrections? Juvenile Justice? Crime Analysis or Crime Scene Investigation? Forensic Psychology or Forensic Science? Fraud Examination and Investigation? Private Security? Homeland Security and Terrorism? Government and National Security? Global Issues in Criminal Justice?

Check out some of the Universities and Colleges that offer degrees in these fields - either online or at their respective campuses.

Rock the Vote!

Taking its message of youth voter registration to dozens of the most hotly contested markets in 2004 - via musical concerts, college campuses and major political conventions - Rock the Vote proved to be a great success. Find out what's going on in 2006 - Read the RTV blog

It's Up to You! Rock the Vote!

Break the Cycle: Empowering Youth to End Domestic Violence


Turn Old Cell Phones into Cash

Over the past year, SADD chapters in middle and high schools across the country have done cell phone donation programs, raising more than $17,000 to date to support their local chapter activities and events. SADD continues its partnership with American Cellular Donation Association (ACDA) - So don't throw your used phone away! Give it to SADD and help save young lives.

If you are interested in donating their old cell phones to support SADD visit to find the nearest dropoff location.

** What do we mean by "caregivers"? This is any adult in your life that provides for you day-to-day. Maybe it's your mom or dad, your grandparent, your fosterparent, your older brother or sister, your aunt or uncle, or someone else. You know who in your life you depend on, and who cares about what happens to you. While you may not always agree with them, or like what they think you should do, it sure is good to know they are there. (OK. Sure, sometimes, they're real busy, or haven't figured out how to show you how they feel or, even, how to talk with you now that you are an adolescent. That's okay. Eventually, they will - especially if you help them.)

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