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Mission Statement

The Believe You Can Fly web site was developed to help high school students, their parents and their teachers, coaches and guidance counselors find information about scholarships and educational programs that are available on local, state and national levels. Resources and links to web sites for homework assistance and hints on preparing for college are also provided.

We hope that Believe You Can Fly proves to be a convenient place for Connecticut students to find information that will help them take steps toward earning a college or post-high school degree. It is also our hope that these resources will help to increase the percentage of students who succeed in their higher education dreams.

>>First, by encouraging all high school students to believe that they can gain the education the want - by believing in themselves, by hard work and by being vocal about their goals - asking for and accepting help.

>>And by providing the best information we can about grants, loans, contests, schlorships. . . whatever it takes to gather together the money needed.

We believe that pursuing your dreams is worth all.

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