Timeline For Students

Steps for Each Year of High School


  1. Meet with your guidance counselor to ensure you are on target with your core academic requirements
  2. Choose a cause and devote some of your free time to that cause
    • The more you give to the community and others in need, the more the community will give back to you in return
  3. Schedule yourself to take the PSAT in the spring
    • Taking the PSAT can only help you. It does not count in terms of college admissions
  4. Stay active in your school. Consider taking on a leadership role of some sort.
  5. Keep in mind that it is never a failure to try something and temporarily not succeed. The only time you fail in life is when you stop trying
  6. Keep a daily planner and use it for everything you do
    • School, work and even home activities
    • Time management is crucial in terms of preparing for college
    • Develop good habits now and the rest will be easy. (Well maybe not easy, but easier)
  7. Are you good with your hands?
    • Ever think of becoming a plumber, electrician or carpenter?
    • Make sure you explore all of you options while you are in high school


Year by Year for Athletes


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