Shopping & Savings with Upromise

Look for the Upromise logo at the store. Many items and stores now feature the Upromise logo on packaging or store shelves, so you know exactly which products can help you save! *

These are just some of the stores/companies that will help you build your college savings:

Grocery, Services, Stores & Restaurants

Allied Van Lines 2%
American AAdvantage $50
American Home Shield $26
Apple Time® 2%
Atlas Van Lines 2%
Aunt Jemima® Frozen Breakfast 1%
Avis 5%
Bed Bath & Beyond® 1%
Benefiber® 1%
BIC® Razors 3%
Budget 4%
Butler 3%
Butterfield Blooms™ 10%
Celeste® Pizza 1%
Covergirl® 1%
CENTURY 21® Up to $3,000††
Children's Tylenol® 2%
Chiquita® Bites™ 2%
Chiquita® Dippin-Licious™ 2%
Chiquita® Fresh Cut Fruit 2%
CIBA Vision® Contact Lens Care 3%

Citi® Upromise® Card
- Groceries: 10% on 7,000+ items
- Gas: 2% at Exxon and Mobil locations
- Everywhere you shop - 1%
Coca-Cola® Classic 1%
Coldwell Banker® Up to $3,000††
Cottonelle® 5%
Cremora® 1%
Domino® Sugar 3%
Disney® Hundred Acre Wood™ 1%
Disney® Xtreme! Coolers 1%
Duncan Hines® 1%
Eddie Bauer 3%
Elmer's® Glue 3%
Energizer® 3%
Enfamil®** 1%
ERA® Up to $3,000
Eveready® 3%
Exxon 1 cent per gallon ***
Farman's 3%
Filippo Berio® Olive Oil 1%
Fisher® Chef's Naturals® Ingredient Nuts 3%
Fisher® Snack Nuts 3%
Fisher® Snack Mixes 3%
Fisher Salad Buddies™ 3%
Flintstones™ 3%
Florida Crystals® Sugar 5%
Florida's Natural Orange Juice 2%
Florida's Natural Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice 2% - 10%
Flowers USA 10%
Fujifilm® 3%
Gas-X® 1%
GE Lighting 3%
Gift Sense™ 10%
GLASS PLUS® Products 3%
GNC 1% GoodNites® 1%
Gorton's® Seafood 2%
GUM® 3%
Heifetz 3%
Huggies® 1%
Infants' Tylenol® 2%
Ivory® Bars & Body Wash 1% Jr. Tylenol® 2%
Kleenex® 3%
Kotex® 3%
LamisilAT® 1%
Lender's® bagels 1%
Log Cabin® 1%
Lucky Leaf® 2%
LYSOL® Products 3%
McDonald's 3%
Maalox® 1% 25%
All Marie's Salad Dressing 3%
Mobil 1 cent per gallon
Mrs. Butterworth's® 1%
Musselman's® 2%
Nalley 3%
Nestle® Baking Chocolate 3%
Nestle® 100 Grand® Fun Size 3%
Nestle® Baby Ruth® Fun Size 3%
Nestle® Butterfinger® Fun Size 3%
Nestle® Crunch® Fun Size 3%
Nestle® Miniatures 3%
Nestle® Raisinets® Fun Size 3%
Nestle® Signatures™ Treasures® 3%
Nestle® Stand-Up Bags 3% Nestle® Toll House® Morsels 3%
New York Life Insurance $25 or $40
North American Van Lines 2%
Olay® Bars & Body Wash 1%
Old Spice® Antiperspirants 1%
Old Spice® Body Sprays 1%
Old Spice® Deodorants 1%
One-A-Day® 3%
One-A-Day® Kids 3%
Pep Boys 2%
Peter Piper's 3%
Poise® 3%
Prime Mortgage Financial, Inc. 0.35%
Pull-Ups® 1%
RedEnvelope 4%
Ross-Simons 3%
Scott® 5%
Secret® Antiperspirants 1%
Secret® Body Sprays 1%
The Sharper Image 3%
Snuggle 3%
Snyder's of Hanover 1%
SPRAY 'N WASH® Products 3%
Steinfeld's 3%
Sure® Antiperspirants 1%
Swanson® 1%
Swanson® Hungry-Man® 1%
Terminix® 2%
Tide® 1%
Tylenol® 2%
TruGreen ChemLawn® 2%
Upromise Cruises and Vacations 3%
Upromise Dry Cleaning Program 3%
Viva® 5%
Welch's® Fruit Spreads 1%
Whirlpool $5-$35
Zest® 1%



Participating products, contribution levels and terms and conditions subject to change without notice. Please visit regularly for current listings.

Upromise shelf strips have been placed in participating retail locations to facilitate your location of participating products. However, neither Upromise nor any participating brand or retailer guarantees that Upromise shelf strips have been properly placed next to participating products. Accordingly, neither Upromise nor any participating brand or retailer will be liable for the inaccurate placement of a Upromise shelf strip or the failure to place a Upromise shelf strip.

*Due to state regulations, white milk excluded in CO, and LA. White and flavored milk excluded in NV. White milk and cream excluded in MA. White and flavored milk excluded in ME with the exception of 8oz., 10oz., & 16oz. containers.

**Not all products participating in all states. Learn more here.

*** Beginning June 1, 2005, to receive 1 cent per gallon for college from ExxonMobil in a given calendar month, you must be a Upromise member and buy a total of 20 or more gallons in that month using credit or debit card(s) registered in your Upromise account, or a Speedpass™ linked to a registered card. Diesel, non-fuel, and fleet purchases are not eligible for contributions.

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